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#blimage – 1 week anniversary



It’s been about a week since I was sitting delayed in Boston’s Logan airport and presented a cheeky challenge to Steve Wheeler – my compadre from across not one but TWO ponds ( aka @timbuckteeth).

I’m thoroughly delighted and amazed at how it’s taken on. The other day I decided to create a little animated film about it, using my sketches in Paper by 53 and the Reflector app (to record to my laptop)…then iMovie.

As I state in the film, I think the appeal of #blimage is part “creativity in constraint” and part “game”, (not to mention the fact that everyone needs a dose of healthy metaphorical thinking and we are a visual species)…but Steve explores other aspects in his post, such as the desire to connect and engage with your personal network.

For the week anniversary – blimaversary? I made this image to explain its brief history…it’s called “The -TIONS of #blimage”



If Steve hadn’t acted upon my challenge and if Simon (@sensor63) hadn’t helped amplify it, it wouldn’t have died in its embryonic stages. Who knows how long it will continue? But I do think the collection of posts so far is outstanding: see them HERE. Thank you to everyone who played in the sandbox with us, and I hope you in turn inspire others to share their thinking through their posts.

One comment on “#blimage – 1 week anniversary

  1. Mark McGuire
    July 28, 2015

    Hi Amy

    Terrific video. I appreciate you explaining what tools you used to create and edit it.

    The #blimage game just goes to show how important the social element is, both in learning, discussing learning and it life generally. It’s the social element that is missing in the creation and use of OER and other Creative Commons artefacts. Anyone can take a CC licensed image from flickr use it as a prompt for a blog post, but it might not be read by anyone. And it is unlikely to be a ticket to a lively conversation. And it’s the conversations we value — more, perhaps, than the post or image that sparked it. A blog post is planned and follows a line of thought. A conversation can’t be planned and can go anywhere. It’s an adventure. And adventures are best enjoyed with friends.

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